Guiding brave women

on a journey 

to awaken their 

heart, guts and brain.

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The answers to your biggest questions,

“How can I find happiness? Who am I? How can I earn more money?…,”  are hidden in your dreams.

Most of us fail to use this powerful, yet simple, tool to solve problems.

Dreams answer the deep, important questions and all you have to do?

Pay attention.

Yet, how can you understand the language of your dreams when they seem so nonsensical and mysterious?

StacyWelcome to The Meaningful Dream, I’m Stacy Reck, dream guide. I help brave women, just like you, awaken their heart, guts, and brain by helping them to understand their dreams.

In 2005, I began working with women and taking them on dream journeys.

Dreams reveal a roadmap for your life

What I Discovered is a Secret Hiding in Plain sight!

I call it DreamMapping.

With the DreamMap process, women have found jobs they love, started new businesses, and began new adventures.

They found passion and deep meaning in their lives.

These women found magic and you can too.

Wouldn’t you enjoy more happiness and freedom?

Wouldn’t you love to be following your dreams?


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Join Our Newsletter! Once a month digest of our news, tips and freebies.