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Welcome to The Meaningful Dream!

I’m Stacy and I hope you find this site helpful for your own personal dream discovery, whether it is a dream for your future or a dream from sleep, it doesn’t matter, they all are messages from your unconscious.  Here, on this site, you will find information on dream symbols, ideas for dream journals, ways to to use dreams in your everyday life, and thoughts on ways to dream more.

My own interest in dreams began one morning when I woke from a dream at 5 a.m. During the dream my grandfather sat next to me on stairs in his house as we watched other family members below us.  “I don’t want you to worry, ” he said, “but I am gone now and I’m okay. Please look in the attic, there is something up there in a trunk for your uncle.” I woke up with a feeling of dread. There was no reason to believe my grandfather had passed. I had talked to him only a few days earlier and all was fine. But a few hours later the phone rang and the voice on the other end informed me he had passed away… at 5:00 a.m. I stood holding the phone in disbelief.

He had come to say goodbye and comfort me. Proof to me that life does continue, even when our bodies have perished. Eventually, I found the trunk in his attic, with my uncle’s gift locked inside.

And so, I wondered about dreaming and what happens during our sleeping hours. I wondered if messages are revealed in dreams and I wondered how we might discover their meaning.

I began working with groups of women, taking them on inner journeys. We worked with dreaming, art, journaling and visioning. Each of us discovered our dreams revealed a map for our lives. Some were brave enough to follow new paths. Others were surprised to discover things they did not know consciously. All of us found more joy and happiness in our lives.

Develop your dreams, get them to work for youWrite, draw, color, paint, doodle, dance, run, meditate, imagine -whatever feels right for you- the truth lies within, trust yourself to find answers. And know I’m always here to help along the way.

Thank you for being here. I look forward to meeting you and hearing about your dreams!


Dream Advisor

MA, C.A.G.S.