guiding brave 


on a journey 

to awaken their 

heart, guts and brain

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What if Your Dreams Have a Message for You?

That message is hiding right in front of you, in the dreams you have every night.

Your dreams are giving you information, even if you don’t remember them.

They guide you and your subconscious when you’re awake and nurture you when asleep.

Yes, your dreams guide you through life, giving you answers and information about you, your life, and your choices.

If your’e wondering, “How do I know what my dreams are telling me?” or “How can I make sense of all the nonsense in my dreams?”

You’re in the right place

and I’m so glad you’re here.

stacyWelcome to The Meaningful Dream, I’m Stacy, your dream guide.

I guide brave women on a journey to awaken their heart, guts and brain by learning to understand their dreams.

Here we make DreamMaps, create dream journals and have parties because I like to celebrate you and all you accomplish. Sounds fun, right?

My job is to help you navigate life with wisdom, an open heart and a clear mind. I will assist you in understanding the images you dream of, which by the way, is different for each of us.

Feel free to peruse the blog or you can join one of my courses, the current offerings are here.

I teach you how to listen to your dreams in the 4 week Dream Journal eCourse.

I offer a private, one-to-one, 12 week journey where you learn the wisdom of Your dreams and how to navigate your life using them as an aide.

Dreams may seem like a mystery but once you start paying attention to your dreams, you’ll discover their hidden magic and notice miracles.

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Thanks for coming by, I look forward to meeting you and hearing about your dreams. More about me and The Meaningful Dream.


Free Dreaming Guide and Wallpapers when you sign-up for our Newsletter!