Guiding brave women

on a journey 

to awaken their 

heart, guts and brain.

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The answers to your biggest questions,

“How can I find happiness? Who am I? How can I earn more money?…,”  are hidden in your dreams.

Yes, it’s true!

Most of us fail to use the one resource we all have to solve problems and answer our deepest, most important questions and it’s as easy as going to sleep.

But how can you understand the language of your dreams when those dream images seem so nonsensical and out of context?

Welcome to The Meaningful Dream, I’m Stacy Reck, dream adviser. I help brave women, just like you, to awaken their heart, guts, and brain by helping them to understand their dreams. 

In 2005, I began working with women and taking them on dream journeys. They kept dream journals, writing down their dreams every morning.

I discovered that dreams revealed a roadmap for our lives, for living the life of our dreams.

The women I’ve worked with have found new jobs they love, started their own business, or began a new adventure, they found passion, strengths and deep meaning from their lives. Whatever they discovered, it has been magic for these ladies.

Find more joy, happiness and freedom.

Come join brave women who have learned to use their dreams to live happier.

I look forward to meeting you and hearing about your dreams!

Stacy, your Dream Adviser

Creator of the Goddess Life series; The Goddess Mini Project, The Goddess Year