You have a dream,

an idea you want to bring to life

but you have no idea how to make it real.


Where do you begin?

Maybe you’re scared, have no support, or that little voice in your head says,

“You can’t…”

“It won’t work”

“Dreams don’t really come true.”


Dreams do come true.

How do I know? I’m Stacy Reck, dream specialist and coach.

I help women bring their dreams to life by teaching them to follow their heart and trust their guts.

Dreams like; I want to feel calmer, I want to have a better family life, I want to find my dream job or I want to travel more.


Maybe your dream Is like this?

You want to– 

  • wake up in the morning without an alarm clock screaming at you.
  • sip morning coffee in the comfort of your home without running out the door to an office.
  • stop commuting over an hour to your job.
  • work for yourself.
  • find freedom.
  • have more fun.
  • spend more time with friends and family.
  • enjoy more sunsets.
  • write a book.
  • have more time.
  • be a photographer, astronaut, artist, beachcomber, stylist, singer, dancer or ____.


Each of us can be happy and do what we love, dreams do come true.

Here at The Meaningful Dream
I help women realize their dreams.
And I’m here to help you.


Our work together

When we work together I ask you to keep a journal to document your progress, it can be either a written or creative journal. This is your space to write ideas, keep track of your thoughts and a place to brain dump. The beauty to this journal, it becomes loaded with ideas for you to use at later points.

What can you do with your journal?
bullet journal
make vision boards
write 5 new ideas each morning
brain dump things that upset you, then turn them around
wonder about things
draw or scribble
collage pictures you love


Are you ready to make your dreams a reality?

Let’s get started right now, take that 1st step to make your dream come true.

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